Naomi Campbell to marry?

Wow. Big Big Wowzy Wow. An Italian publication reckons they overheard that model who famously fell over and has had quite a few complaints about her temper, say she reckons she might marry her current fella. Woopy doo.

That's right Naomi Campbell, who's from Streatham, London, but appears to believe she lives in the world above normal manners, was supposedly overheard saying, "This time I'll marry. Vladi is the right man for me." The Italian paper Corriere della Sera reported. Vladi - or Vladimir Doronin, as his mum might call him - is her latest squeeze, and the 38-year-old model seems to be besotted with the billionaire Russian.

This all supposedly happened in the VIP bit of the Fiat Player (we know, it sounds like your first ever car) disco in Sardinia.

Slightly more interestingly than the tenuous marriage declaration, was that the Italian newspaper reckon when Campbell saw that the waitresses were only wearing flimsy outfits, she requested to the managers that only males served them. Which could have peed Vladi off a bit... a rule for one, another rule for another...

Anyways, she also supposedly then asked for 50 wheelbarrows of sand to be brought in so she could dance on it. Which is only slightly better than her lobbing her phone at your face in untempered vitriol. But, it's demands like that, that show the model-who's-older-than-Kate-Moss is completely in touch with reality. If reality was a horribly self-absorbed, barren hell, that is.

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