Naomi Campbell to face 5 charges over Heathrow hum dinger

There were we thinking Naomi would get away with a handwritten sorry note and a payout to BA airport staff - and the judge throws the book at her.

Naomi was told today that she will be charged over her 'you stupid proletarian cretins you've lost my bag' diva strop at Heathrow last month, and could even be awarded with a few days in the slammer for her troubles. 18 months if the judgey wudgey is really mean ( a total of 6 month's apiece for the naughtiest charges.)

Naomi has been charged with 5 counts of bad behaviour ; one of using abusive and threatening language (not so bad) one of disorderly conduct (quite bad) aaaand, wait for it, three counts of assaulting a police officer (very bad).

Naomi was 'bitterly disappointed' that the judge thought it necessary to charge her over the silly strop, but nevertheless "respects the decision and hopes the matter is dealt with expeditiously" ....something tells us it will be! Great to see Naomi being forced to face up to the consequences of her bad behaviour for once. There are some things money can buy - for everything else, there's prison.

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