Naomi Campbell : Mandela bans her from birthday bash

Naomi Campbell has been banned from Nelson Mandela's birthday bash on Friday. Ever since her BA hissy fit / arrest Mandela has been cold shouldering the ageing supermodel, achingly aware that her precocious nature and capacity for a 'reet dirty street fight' isn't quite the image he wants to be associated with.

So Mandela had her struck off the list of people to go on stage at his 90th birthday party. As a compromise Naomi can sit nicely in the public grandstand like everyone else and enjoy the show. But if she so much as looks the wrong way at a drinks attendant, Mandela will click the eject button and have her flying out of there before she can say 'what me officer?' How vile Grampy Mandela can be when he wants!

"Naomi was slated to introduce some of the acts on stage as she has done with 46664 concerts in the past, but she has been informed that this time she can only sit in the grandstand. Nelson himself intervened and she was pulled off the list. He was disappointed with her recent arrest - particularly as she was wearing a baseball cap bearing the name of View the profile for Eveis AIDS-awareness charity, 46664, at the time" said a Daily Mail source.

Hats off to Grampa Nelson! It's the Mandela equivalent of a bollocking and a grounding, and we love it. Just what every naughty supermodel needs!

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