Naomi Campbell : 'Guilty as charged officer'

So the Naomi Campbell 'BA hissy fit' story just gets better and better. Naomi this morning pleaded guilty to all four counts against her, and the court were treated to the finer details of the strop.

Well, Naomi apparently started the flight in a reasonable mood, remembering her ps and qs and not being too huffy about the slight delay in take off due to 'teething problems' with terminal 5. So far so good. However when the balding supermodel then found out one of her suitcases had been lost, (as opposed to delayed) that's when the dung really hit the fan - and she had the captain hauled out of his cockpit for a personal showdown.

"I can't believe you have lost my bag. Bring me my...bags now!" she screeched to the stunned captain who could do nothing but mumble about her 'options'. "How dare you tell me what my options are? You are not leaving until you find my bags." (Implying the Captain crawl into the cargo hold and retrieve them himself?) When the captain looked dumbstruck and failed to follow orders? Naomi fired the big guns. "You are a racist, you wouldn't be doing this if I was white!" She then limbered up for round two with the policemen sent to refrain her, clumping one of them in the process. What a lady!

Facing 6 months in the can a remourseful Naomi has said she is very sorry for being so naughty and rude and regrets that the whole thing even got as far as court in the first place. We have a feeling her Patsy from AbFab-esque behaviour might just send her down this time. On a brighter note, Campbell's found love again. With a middle aged, balding, playboy billionaire. So that's good.

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