Naomi Campbell arrested in Heathrow

High fives and big belly laughs in the Excite office this morning at news of Naomi Campbell's latest aero-arrest.

Nomey's mega strop at Heathrow's Terminal 5 yesterday just goes to show that no matter how many anger management classes, and no matter how much disco dust the diva model doesn't do these days - she's still as mad as a cut snake!

We know. It can be tough being a world famous model and having your Louis Vuitton rammed into some dusty proletariat hole in Terminal 5 and then lost. But yelling and clawing at BA stewards before giving a copper a good hiding! Naomi's fury could simply never be scripted!

Aanyway. If found guilty of being a very naughty supermodel, Nomey could be donning stripey pyjamas and slurping on watery porridge for the next 6 months...because as bad luck would have it - thats the sentence for clocking a copper these days. We know it's mean, but we do hope she's sent down, oh we do we do we do!

Check out our favourite-ist Naomi Campbell misdemanour vid ever.

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