Nancy Dell'Olio: Men are scared of my popularity

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Nancy Dell'Olio has claimed that men are scared of her popularity.

The 50-year-old Italian, who first came to the attention of the British public 10-years-ago as the then girlfriend of former England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson, has told Hello magazine that some men cannot deal with her being in the limelight.

‘I've had a few situations where men got scared of this, but this is my life - If a man cannot cope with all this,’ Dell'Olio claimed.

‘My previous partner, he couldn't cope with my popularity. Men sometimes find it difficult to cope with a woman who is the centre of attention.’

Dell'Olio also revealed that she has put her relationship with theatre director Sir Trevor Nunn on hold for the time being.

‘Trevor was busy doing The Tempest and I was busy with different things, so we decided that we needed a bit of time to think about it.’

‘The problem was that we were in the public eye too much, which was not our decision, and it was running too fast.’

Dell'Olio will have a chance to put her popularity with the British public to the test next Friday when she will strut her stuff in the new series of Strictly with partner Antondu Beke. It remains to be seen if she's actually as well liked as she believes herself.

The Italian lawyer will be joined on the show by fellow 'celebs' Edwina Currie, Jason Donovan, Rory Bremner, Lulu, Robbie Savage and Holly Valance amongst others.

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