Naked Bruni up for auction

The French cashmere mafia are flying in to talk to Gordy B about nuclear power and immigration.... And noone cares. Because the squat French President's supermodel wife has callously stolen the limelight.

In a pic reminiscent of Amy Winehouse's scotch and guitar snap, a photo of Carla Bruni in the nip is due to go under the hammer at Christies on the 10th April. And it could fetch as much as. Two. Thousand. Pounds. Crikey - can Mrs Sarkozy command a sum!

Sarko's staying suspiciously silent on the whole thing. But is he too busy ushering in a new dawn of Franco-Brit relations - or is he secretly fuming that his ageing supermodel wife could fetch such shrapnel in the auction house?

Napoleon syndrome can do veeery bad things to a man.

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