Nae way, pet

Since the shocking news that our Geordie princess, Cheryl Cole, was axed by ruthless Fox executives, UK X Factor have been on the phone, trying to persuade Cole to return to her homeland. But Cheryl, who is currently 'in hiding', is having none of it. She is apparently so furious at her treatment by US TV types, that she's vowed to have nothing more to do with X Factor. Ever.

A friend of Cole's told The Daily Mail, 'Cheryl is furious. This is another slap in the face. She moved to America in full public glare – and now she’s being asked to come back to do the UK again. She feels hurt and let down.’ An X Factor insider told the paper, 'Of course we would be glad to have her back. She is Cheryl Cole. Would the British audience welcome her back? I believe they would. There would be a sense of this is where you belong. But let’s be honest. She will have to decide very quickly. We are doing auditions next week.'

In the midst of the furore, Cowell is refusing to speak to the press, as he's suffering from a migraine. We can well imagine...

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