Nadine shuffles off this mortal Coyle

We knew it! After months of dropped hints and bitchy asides, Girls Aloud have finally come clean, and confirmed suspicions. Poor Nadine Coyle has been sacrificed for the greater good of pop - a source has revealed that the band will finally reform, minus the long-legged lovely.

An insider told The Sun, 'It's been a painful decision for Sarah, Nicola, Kimberley and Cheryl but they have decided that the future of Girls Aloud lies without Nadine. They've all been on a roller-coaster ride since 2002 and have just grown apart from Nadine. Relations with her had been strained within the camp for a while. Disputes began cropping up towards the final days of the band before they went on a hiatus. The four remaining girls want to return on their own terms - and avoiding any squabbles is a high priority. That's why they have decided to go on without Nadine.'

Don't worry Nadine - there's always the Sugababes, we hear they're constantly on the look-out for new singers...

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