Nadia: 'UBB ruined my life'

Once she was the nation's sweetheart, the flamboyant transsexual who won us over - and won Big Brother. But Nadia Almada's return to the house, for bonkers greatest-hits-compilation Ultimate Big Brother, didn't go so well.

From day one she argued constantly with American rapper Coolio, who eventually walked out. But Nadia says the show edited out Coolio's constant bullying of her and intrusive questioning about her gender.

'I was the victim in that house but I was shown to be the villain,' Nadia told the, er, Daily Star Sunday. She says that since the eviction - when she left the house to a chorus of boos - she's had eggs thrown at her car (!) and nasty notes left on her door. 'I want to end it all. I just feel my life isn't worth living any more. I can't carry on living the way I feel. I'm in the gutter and I'm completely distraught. Going back on 'Big Brother' has ruined my life.'

Now, it sounds like Nadia has been given a rough ride, and surely edited badly. But this does sound a bit OTT. We hope she's just upset and will feel better soon - rest assured everyone else will have forgotten about the whole thing in about a week, especially now mad old Vanessa Feltz is in the house...

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