Nadia speaks after suicide bid

Nadia Almada, the former winner of Big Brother, who returned to the final show for the night of triumph, but ended up attempting suicide after bullying comments, has given a revealing interview to Star magazine. Nadia pulls no punches, blaming Channel 4 for not showing the full extent of the harassment, and even Davina McCall, for calling the BB contestant 'boyish'.

On Coolio's alleged bullying: Nadia told Star magazine, 'He was being really intimidating, and told the other housemates to lift my skirt to see if I had male bits. It was horrible. Neither did viewers see Ulrika calling me a ‘fat tranny’ to my face.'

Nadia also claimed that the housemates ignored the taunts, instead obsessing about their own profiles: 'Nobody stuck up for me. Not one person. All Brian wants is his next TV presenting job. He did nothing.' The interview will make uncomfortable reading for BB presenter Davina: 'For Davina to say I am boyish, what does she want me to do? Should I be a perfect, pretty size zero? Davina’s comment has made me hate myself. I feel fat, I feel ugly.'

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