Mysterious girl

Of all the ridiculous TV show ideas that we’ve heard – and that’s an awful lot, readers – then watching Peter Andre could completely erasing his memory of ex-wife Katie Price through hypnosis has be somewhere around the middle. However, it’s still ridiculous, and utterly pointless to boot: even if it could be done, he’d have to lock himself in a pitch box made of fortified iron to not hear about it.

This hasn’t stopped someone at ITV from offering the 37-year-old former pop star the opportunity to try it out, after Andre apparently said while trying to pick a genuine hypnotist from a line-up of five on game show Odd One In: ‘Is it possible through hypnosis to forget someone from your recent past?’ Oh dear.

‘It will make fantastic viewing,’ said some source or other, presumably not being to believe where his life has taken him. ‘Can Pete finally empty his memory bank of his ex-wife? Who wouldn’t want to find out the answer to that one?’ Just about everyone.

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