Myleene steals from the Pope

Myleene Klass has made a shocking confession. No, not that she'll be fronting every show on British telly until telly ceases to exist; she stole the Pope’s loo roll.

The ubiquitous presenter got a free pass to snoop around the Pope’s summer pad during filming for BBC1’s Heaven and Earth show, and when in Rome, she did what any pleb would have done and filched herself a souvenir. The Sun fill us in:

‘The Pope wasn't actually there — but I did take some loo roll,’ she says. Not only that, she saved a few bob on Christmas presents by botching together some last minute treats from her haul.

‘And I made Christmas presents out of it. I stuck a piece of tissue, and I'd write, 'Papal loo roll; a tissue. Bless you.' It's so bad it's good, right?’ (Right.)

‘I gave it to a few friends and I framed some up too. It's very special because it's got papal wreaths embossed all over it in little green laurel leaves.’ (Myleene, you're making that lump of coal we got one year look rather special....)

It’s not the only area of her life where the presenter makes a saving – she also keeps her piggy bank plump by not forking out on essentials like Post it Notes.

‘You've always got to take a souvenir,’ she explains, ‘I took writing paper from Downing Street — so I write my notes for the fridge on that.’

What next, stealing some ‘worthless looking’ old relics from the Vatican?

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