My mummy is my best friend

When Phillip Larkin said, 'parents f*ck you up' - he might have had a point.  Because turns out mums who try to be best friends rather than a guiding parental hand to their kids - could be doing irreperable damage.

New research by clinical pyschologist Stephan Poulter has identified 5 types of mother - the perfectionist mother, the unpredictable mother, the 'me first' mother, the complete mother - and most destructive of all - the best-friend mother.

The legend of mums who try to be mates rather than parent to their kids is a relatively modern phenomenon, which Poulter blames on celebs - and general parental laziness.

Modern MILFS and trendy mums have cottoned onto the fact that it's easier to let kids lay down their own ground-rules rather thwacking them into them themselves. And that going out on the lash with the brood, dolling up like a whipper snapper, having boob jobs and generally behaving like a naughty teenager - is much more fun than a being a bog standard mum.

And like with anything - sleb mummage is a prime example of this. Britney Spears and old girl Lynn were 'best friends' until Britney got narked at Lynn pulling rank every time the best friend routine wore thin. Lindsay Lohan and her mum have both been on a revolving door in and out of rehab. And Alicia Douvall's 12 year old daughter today announced she wants to have a boob job so she can be just like her best friend. Who also happens to be her mum.

Not good says Rose Rock - mother of ten including Chris Rock, and extremely wise old parenting sage. In her book "Mama Rock's Rules: Ten Lessons for Raising a Houseful of Successful Children", Rose claims "At no time should you let your children think they can disrespect you or treat you like a buddy," and that '"parenting is not a popularity contest...that is just a cop out". (Reuters)

So next time the old dear slings on her best stiletto's and push up bra and asks if she can come out on the razz with you - a firm no is the only way to go. The campaign to quash the BFM starts here!

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