My little ponies

What to buy the children who are rich beyond the dreams of avarice, with houses in every port? Why six ponies of course. Brad has splashed out on his very own 'Pitt ponies', ensuring that every one of his kids can enjoy long summers at pony club camp, while mummy and daddy can concentrate on being Hollywood megastars. Brad is currently in Glasgow filming a zombie flick, and perhaps our very British summer has forced the actor into finding some new hobbies.

A gossipy insider told The Sun, 'Brad ummed and ahhed about it for a while but decided to go for it. He wasn't sure whether they'd find the time as training the children will take a lot of manhours but thinks it will be worth it in the long run. He thinks it's best for them to learn how to ride while they're young.'

He continued, 'Their place is huge. They have loads of fields all around the property. Their driveway is three miles long and lined with impressive fountains. They've got a new pool with slides as well now.' Good one 'insider', now we're so seething with jealously we can barely breathe.

Brad's indulgent lifestyle also gained attention last month, when he chartered a train to transport him, Angie and his children from Euston to Glasgow. A Virgin spokesperson commented at the time, 'Brad and Angelina hired the whole train. It is a bespoke service so prices would vary on the individual, people have different needs from station requirements to catering.' Well, it certainly makes our daily commute seem far from glam...

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