My life is ruined

The strain of being found out as a love rat and having the tabloid press stick their nose into every aspect of your life is beginning to show on Ashley Cole; at least if you listen to The Sun, one of the architects of his downfall, who from the looks of it have been following him around hoping to get a quote.

Well they succeeded. Taking a trip down to the Capbreton in the South of France, where Cole is being treated for the ankle injury that might keep him out of the World Cup, reporters managed to squeeze him enough to get him to say: ‘F****** hell, my life is ruined.’ Before he added, allegedly nearly crying: ‘I just want to be left alone – everything's gone so wrong.’ No wonder freedom of the press is taking a battering eh?

‘His frustration is really showing,’ said a source (read: most likely some other journo in France). ‘He's lost arguably the most attractive girl in Britain and his football career is on ice.’ This is turning out to be a beautifully engineered tabloid scandal. Is journalism finally eating itself?

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