My heart won’t go on

You can’t deny that the movie ‘Titanic’ wasn’t at the very least impressive at the time. Yes it may have been a little soppy and way too bleeding long, but all in all director James Cameron did a sterling job and was deserved of his row of Academy Awards. On the other hand it did spawn the worst vomit-inducing song of all time, ‘My Heart Will Go One’ by Celine Dion. Actually we take all the aforementioned praise back. There’s no excuse for that. Your film was awful Cameron.

Well, the director is back with his first feature length for more than a decade - ‘Avatar,’ and he's got our former X-Factor champ Leona Lewis to sing the main theme song. (Leona we apologise in advance for the abuse we’ll be giving you).

According to BBC Newsbeat, the song will be titled ‘I See You’ and the one saving grace is that it will only feature in the closing credits of the movie, *cue a mad rush for the exits*.

3D Sci-Fi epic Avatar hits worldwide multiplexes in December.

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