My Heart Will Go On MKII

Avatar is without doubt the most anticipated movie of the year, and is expected to be up for whole clutch of Oscar noms thanks to its revolutionary 3D techniques which will change the cinema going experience forever. Or that’s what director James Cameron will have you believe, having harped on about it since its conception 15 years ago. The film isn’t released until December 17th so we’ll all just have to wait till then to see if we agree with the genius behind Titanic.

In the meantime, the official song for Avatar has found its way on to the internet and it’s by our very own Leona Lewis. Titled ‘I See You’ (although ‘My Heart Will Go On MKII’ would be more appropriate) it's a warbling sick inducing cheese-fest of a tune that’s wetter than an American actor - surname Dicaprio, drowning in the Atlantic after his boat hits an iceberg.

If you don’t believe us, have a listen yourself. We apologize in advance. Let's hope the Avatar film isn’t also a sinking ship....

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