My Fair Colin

Stories have been swirling for over a year now, concerning the potential remake of My Fair Lady. At first, the hot rumour was that Keira Knightley would play Eliza, with director Joe Wright behind the camera. Now that appears to have been forgotten, with the new gossip being that Carey Mulligan will reprise Audrey Hepburn's role, while King Colin of Firth will play Prof Henry Higgens.

According to Baz Bamingboye at the The Daily Mail, 'Now that Colin is not just hot but positively sizzling, Sony have changed their minds and say they won’t make the movie unless he plays Higgins. Carey Mulligan is still on board to play Eliza and has time free next year for filming — although if the movie delays much longer than that, she might not remain available.'

Emma Thompson is currently writing the screenplay, apparently using more of George Bernard Shaw’s original work than the 1960s film.

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