My Fair Cheryl

She already has the porcelain teeth, glossy mane and designer togs, but that's not enough to endear Cheryl Cole to the US market; the star is undergoing elocution lessons to rid her of the Geordie tones that have made her famous. According to reports, Cole is also being forced to use words such as 'pants' to describe 'trousers'. Truly, it is a dark moment in Cheryl history.

Sources told The Mirror, 'If audiences and contestants can’t understand her it is actually a ­regulatory offence. Cheryl will be told not to use the word ‘babe’ to describe a pretty girl. Other key words she’s being taught include a ‘hard I’ for words such as vitamin, saying ‘pants’ and not ‘trousers’, ‘butt’ not ‘bum’ and ‘cookies’ not ‘biscuits’. Another key concern is her Geordie pronunciation of the vowel ‘u’. Americans pronounce it ‘oo’ – as in ‘tooning’. They also want to clamp down on her saying ‘pet’ which literally means ‘animal’ in the States.'

We can't wait to hear the results....

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