'My daughter uses weed?' Big deal poindexter

Richard Madeley is the kind of dad we'd want. Not only does he make an embarrassing tit of himself blurting out all kinds of ridculous things, but he doesn't mind it if you fill your face will a large quantity of bong smoke either.

His 21-year-old daughter was caught on camera enjoying some of that sensamelia, or shiva, or weed, as some young hip cats call it. Ahem. Anyway, what did responsible daddy Madeley have to say about it? 'Chill out, losers', that's what.

'Somebody was passing a bong around and she inhaled some of it. Big f***ing deal. 'It was just one of those things kids do - they go to parties and they do a bit of weed. I defy anyone to have a child of that age who doesn't occasionally have a bit of weed.'

Yeah, take that, you squares!

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