Muumuus – high-fashion baby cover

If you’re one to jump on every celebrity-led trend – hot yoga, Kabbalah, adoption – then it’s time to stock up on caftans and other belly-concealing shirts.  Then you too can join in the game of Are They or Aren’t They Pregnant? 

We refer, of course, to J Lo, Christina Aguilera, and Nicole Richie – just a selection of the stars who have been playing this game with the tabloids recently (although Richie is now officially in the family way).  We must say J Lo’s wardrobe has been a bit more flowy than usual of late, although there has been no confirmation from the Lopez-Antony camp that a big-bottomed baby is on the way.

One has to wonder about all the secrecy. Surely, most mums-to-be can’t wait to tell everyone they’re expecting? Can they?

(Image: from daveisnotmyname’s Flickr stream) 

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