Musical Madonna

Madonna's forays into the world of film, have been, how can we put it politely - pretty awful. She won a razzie for Next Best Thing, and as for Swept Away, well that didn't win anything at all. So news that Her Madgesty wants to kickstart a musical based on the life of Wallis Simpson is actually quite interesting.

Simpson was the American divorcee who stole Prince Edward's heart (or saved him from a very repressed life as a monarch depending on how you look at it) and who since then, has lived on in folklore as a controversial, and mysterious figure in British history. (She was also a suspected Nazi sympathiser, which should make for some interesting character portrayal.) Political allegiances aside, Madge apparently sees many similarities between herself and Simpson.

The best thing about Madonna's new project is that she'll be producing and directing and not starring. She's been buttering up Cate Blanchett and David Tenant for the lead roles, which quite frankly shows excellent taste. If she succeeds, we'll definitely be watching. Could Madge finally have a box office smash hit on her hands?

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