Murray rules out Ghostbusters reprise

Who’re you gonna call? Not Bill Murray. At least not until you get a better script. The comedy actor has ruled out appearing in the third Ghostbusters sequel until the producers can come up with a storyline that does justice to the originals.

The 1984 original is regarded as a classic. The 1989 sequel got a lukewarm reception. Murray told David Letterman that he wouldn’t consider taking part unless he was bowled over by the writing. "They just don't have a really good script," he added. "It's hard. You know, even the second Ghostbusters wasn't as much fun for me as the first one. It's hard to make a sequel. That first one was so darn funny. It's hard for me."

That marks something of a retreat for Murray, who had previously seemed positive about Ghostbusters 3. He appeared in character as Peter Venkman at the 2010 Scream awards. Harold Ramis was scheduled direct and co-star, with Dan Aykroyd also returning to the role of Ray Stantz.

With Murray cooling on the idea, there was talk of making the film without him, but that seems unlikely to be attractive to investors. "I always drag my feet on it, but you know, we'll try again," Murray said.

Perhaps the smartest move would be an attempt to "reboot" the idea with a new young cast, in a similar way to JJ Abrams’s Star Trek reinvention. The original Ghostbusters are all a little too elderly to be chasing rogue ectoplasm all over the city again.

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