Murdered by my Boyfriend: BBC drama hits hard in portrayal of domestic violence

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BBC drama Murdered by my Boyfriend offers a unique glimpse into the world of domestic violence and abuse. Viewers can see first hand the complex mix of emotions that abuse victims have to endure. It is hard to imagine an abusive person treating their partner with love and affection one minute and complete disdain the next but it is all on show here in the rawest possible form.

Expertly directed by Paul Andrew Williams, the acting on show is breathtaking at times. Georgina Campbell, who plays the victim Ashley, portrays her character's sense of helplessness in amazing fashion while Royce Pierreson nails the menacing nature of her boyfriend Reece.

The drama is in fact based on real events but as you can imagine all the names and place names have been changed to protect the victim's family. Writer Regina Moriarty carried out a series of interviews with family and friends of the victim. and this certainly adds weight to the punch the show delivers.

We join the characters and follow an initially bubbly and bright Ashley through 4 years of escalating domestic abuse and having her life and confidence ripped away. Reece takes liberties and becomes ever more controlling as he begins to micro-manage every aspect of Ashley's life, gently introducing beatings into their relationship. The show culminates in a brutal scene where he beats her to death with an ironing board which will shock even the most seasoned drama aficionado.

Although you know where the story is going to end from the title of the show, it in no way impedes on the tension which builds up. Murdered by my Boyfriend stands up with the likes of Sherlock and Line of Duty as BBC continue to have stunning success in the hard-hitting drama department.

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