Murder most foul

As if the Sandra Bullock affair couldn't get any more farfetched, now sources are saying that Sandra may have been the target of a dastardly murder plot. Yes, all murder plots are dastardly, but this one more so than usual because it has all the ingredients of a B-movie thriller: silly names, scorned lovers and a Hollywood celeb. Actually, forget B movies, it's The Bodyguard take-two only without the bodyguard and er, starring Sandra Bullock.

Anyway, gossips suggest the plot was hatched by the mistress of Jesse James, Michelle McGee. McGee's ex hubby Shane Modica says he received a phonecall from a guy professing to be a hitman. He had 'orders' to hit both Sandra and Shane (not a friendly hit, the nasty resulting in death kind.) The law abiding hitman then called coppers himself to tell them about his plans. Not the most lethal killer in the world...

Fortunately for Sandy the claims were soon dismissed as 'not credible'. Police knew the hitman and blamed his fantasies on a head injury. In other words he was a bit bonkers.

Erm, aren't they all?

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