Mum didn’t go to Iceland

Kerry Katona, the face of Iceland supermarkets, was spotted having bags full of Sainsbury’s food delivered to her home for a New Year’s bash. Despite being paid God knows how much to flog their goods, Kerry Katona has now betrayed Iceland for another. Oh dear…

But this isn’t the first time a celebrity endorsement has backfired: Jools Oliver -- wife of Jamie Oliver, who has been advertising Sainsbury’s since 2000 -- was spotted shopping in Waitrose, and in possibly the ultimate brand betrayal, Britney Spears was seen drinking a can of Coca-Cola while endorsing Pepsi.

Can we really blame Kerry though? Believing that someone with her money actually shops in Iceland is a bit like thinking that Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants only serve Gordon’s gin…

(Image: from YouTube)

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