Mucca takes a lover

Mucca's back in the saddle, and this time she's not messing about with wrinkly old men. She's taken a young, tanned lover, with big muscles and lots of hair - and hardly a penny to his name.

Mills netted 36 year old Jamie Walker when staying at the hotel he works at in Tenerife by having Beatrice's nanny call him and ask him out on a date for her. Novel!

Walker is an ex aspiring DJ turned Entertainments Manager at the Alabama Hotel Tenerife who commands close to 800 pounds a month for his services. He can often be seen mucking in around the pool and helping out with the kids creche.

Despite a gagging order by Mucca, Jamie has talked about the weekend spent at her mansion in Brighton, rolling about the jacuzzi with the ex prostitute and spotting celeb neighbours, FatBoy Slim and Nick Berry. "I'm under strict instructions not to talk about this" he said, before spilling all to the News Of The World.

"He can't believe his luck that she has fallen for him in such a big way. Jamie has been telling everyone that he is in love. He is over the moon to have a multi-millionairess hot on his case" said a source. "Heather is completely infatuated with Jamie. He is a gym junkie and Heather has been boasting his body is so much fitter than Paul's" said a friend of Heather.

Sounds good. Only one problem with the burgeoning relationship, Heather has invited Walker to go on a romantic hol with her, but he hasn't got a bean to his name and is too proud to ask her to stump up the readies. Time to start losing the proud routine and take whatever scraps come your way Walker - or this little tryst will be dead in the water before it's even left the blocks!

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