Mucca on soapbox for new GMTV rant

We knew it wouldn't be long till Mucca got the knives out on GMTV and launched a couple of pop shots at Macca for having the b*lls to get a new bird.

Breakfast telly has long been Mills's preferred podium of rage, and in her first TV interview since scooping the divorce jackpot, the wily Geordie is on as furiously good form as ever.

Amongst other things the Muc-monster accuses Macca of having not one, but three girlfriends! And of being a right meddlesome old nub for not releasing official court transcripts of the divorce proceedings - which could potentially absolve Mucca for seeming like a bit of a tool ....while painting Macca like a bit of a tool instead. Which is veery cunning - but not even a teensy bit likely!

Mucca also wants it to be known she wasn't at volatile or difficult during the divorce proceedings (as claimed by Paul) although she did tip a glass of water over Macca's divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton's head. But since Fiona was in desperate need of her hairdo updating, as well as being 'cleansed and baptised' - call it aesthetic altruism and be done. In fact now that Mucca's a judge on a Donald Trump beauty contest she might even start charging for her services!

As for little Bea. Mucca maintains the only reason she's not downing tools and setting up camp in the States for good, is to keep Beatrice near Paul. NOT to repair her 'public image' on home turf like she said before, or annoy the crackers off Paul.

Whenever Mucca speaks out in public defence of herself she only ever manages to bang a few more nails into an already air tight casket. Yes she's done a fair bit for charity, but so have millions of folk - and we don't see them interrupting our cocoa pops for a spot of indulgent early morning steam letting.

Having said that, because the right honourable Mucca always makes for the most chucklesome car crash telly ever, she's excused. And we'll even look a bit forward to her next early morning televisual appointment with the nation too.

Have a chortle at Heather on her soap box in another infamous GMTV appeal. Mad as a box of frogs.

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