MTV gets knee deep in comedy

Following in the footsteps of The Office, current comedy colossus The Inbetweeners is set to be remade in America. Whether it ends up as good as The American Office became, or more like the excruciating mess that was Who’s The Boss? (remember that, readers?) is yet to be known, but we can’t see how the humour is going to translate.

Anyway, that’s the problem for MTV, who have picked up the show after what The Sun have described as a ‘frenzied bidding war’ between the major networks. We’d be interested to see how they translate the slang and the atmosphere of the English suburban comprehensive school, ourselves.

‘The Inbetweeners is unique, bold and simply hilarious,’ said MTV spokesman David Janollari, who clearly doesn’t share our fears. ‘It will resonate immensely with our viewers.’

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