Mrs Lopez and the exes

The dust has barely settled on the J Lo and Marc Anthony split, but already Jennifer's mum is busy getting in touch with her daughter's exes. A good example of how mums can remain pretty embarassing, even into middle age. According to reports, Mrs Lopez has been emailing Ben Affleck for 'relationship advice'. Sounds ominous.

Jennifer's friend told The Daily Mail, 'Guadulupe reached out to Ben over email. She wanted advice for Jennifer. She always liked and trusted him. He replied back in an email, wished her well and offered what he could. Ben will always be one of her greatest loves. He was her ideal - a movie star.'

Another source revealed, 'They got in a lot of heated horrible fights. It was a very bad marriage, and Jennifer got the courage to end things, it was the culmative effect of everything Marc did to her. He was a terrible husband. They were fighting nonstop and Jennifer was constantly kicking him out. She was asking him to leave almost every other weekend.' Sounds like a lot of fun...

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