Mrs Cowell speaks

Here's a tip for budding journos; if you want some juicy gossip about a celeb, but said celeb is a little reticent, head straight for the mum. They'll chat away to their hearts content, and all you'll need to provide are the tea and biscuits. Simon Cowell's mum has been spilling the beans about her son's ever lengthening engagement.

Simon's mum told The Daily Mail, 'It’s all anyone wants to know these days, I go for lunch with a girlfriend and they ask: 'Have you got a hat yet? What about the outfit? What colour are you going for?' All I can say is: 'No I haven’t.' How can you buy an outfit for a wedding with no date or venue?’ Oh, the engagement is still on, from what I hear, but I haven’t heard a word about an actual wedding. After the engagement I asked them 'Are you going to have an engagement party?' and they said they might. But they didn’t. And now I don’t ask. It’s a very private thing. I don’t believe in going quizzy, quizzy, quizzy.’

However, Mrs Cowell doesn't seem particularly enthusiastic about the possible future daughter-in-law Mezhgan ­Hussainy, saying, 'She’s a very pretty girl, gentle, nice, all the things men like...Oh, I’m in touch with lots of his ex-girlfriends. I think it’s rather nice. In my day you didn’t stay friends with a boyfriend when it ended, but Simon is very good about that. I’ve seen lots of girls come. And go.'

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