Mr Nasty becomes Mr Weepy

Piers Morgan has done it again. A mere fortnight after getting Gordon Brown - our own dear ruler and owner of the strangest smile since Jack Nicholson - to shed a tear, he's only gone and made Simon Cowell blub too!

The dark overlord of reality TV broke down when recalling the death of his father, in 'Piers Morgan's Life Stories'. In a moment of awful irony, Cowell found out about his dad's demise after ringing home to tell the family that Westlife, the band Simon managed, were at the peak of the hit parade with their first single Swear It Again.

‘Oh Piers it was erm, it wasn’t, wasn’t good,’ he says. ‘But you’ve just got to deal with it, you know, and I went back and realised that your first responsibility is that you’ve got to look after your mum. It was a horrible, horrible, horrible time, like I said. You believe everyone is going to live for ever and they don’t.'

Cowell emphasised that this tragic episode led him to feel that his hits were 'meaningless'. A sentiment we can certainly agree with...

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