Moyles quits breakfast show

Radio 1 heavyweight Chris Moyles has announced that he is to leave the breakfast show in September. The station’s most controversial presenter, who occasionally played records between his constant streams of hectoring banter, feels it is time to leave because people have stopped saying he should go.

He announced the move to his listeners in a relatively restrained four-minute spiel. "I'm just going to give a heads up that we are going to wrap it up," he said. "It's almost time to go, we're off. A couple more months of us and then it's someone else's turn to have a go, so thanks for listening and I hope you stay with us until the end because I promise it's going to be brilliant."

Moyles’s eight years in the breakfast slot have been both turbulent and successful, with his off-colour opinions and gags balanced out by consistently high audience figures. His own biggest fan, he said: "I don't do things by halves, my tongue is always buried deep in my cheek so thank you for listening. I've had the best time of my life."

Constant speculation about his imminent sacking has punctuated his Radio 1 career. Just as the rumours calmed down, Moyles felt it was time to go. "I find myself at a time when no one is looking my way, it is all quiet, there aren't any rumours about me getting fired."

Future career opportunities presenting game-shows and cable channel chat-shows will no doubt be abundant, although his most immediate project is playing Herod in a touring version of the Lloyd Webber musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

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