Movies, TV shows and videos on your favourite interests, all in one place

Ever wished you could catch all your favourite movies, TV shows and videos in one place? The internet and social TV sites are making it easier than ever before to do just that.

Gone are the days when online video content was dominated by amateur footage of funny kids or cute animals – today, there’s an increasing emphasis on high quality video content.

Take YouTube, for example. Their motto is “Broadcast Yourself” and the majority of their millions of videos are user-generated by amateurs. However, the most subscribed channels on the site are typically professional content providers such as the BBC, CBS and VEVO.

A similar trend can also be seen in the growing popularity of sites like videOMG and Clicker. These sites specialise in high quality media content such as movies, TV shows and videos.

With just a few clicks you can search online databases boasting thousands of full length TV programmes and movies. And if you’re looking for inspiration on what to watch, you can use tools like videOMG’s collaborative channels to find suggestions and recommendations from people who share your interests.

User-friendly features and navigation make it easy to discover and find the shows you want to watch, while social tools and apps allow you to share and discuss the videos with friends – both online and in person.

Social TV sites such as Clicker and videOMG look set to revolutionise their audience’s viewing experiences, making it simple to find, recommend and share high quality video content and movies all in one place.

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