Movie stars' Twitter ban

Movie stars are being stopped from using Twitter after a series of high profile cases involving stars leaking info and generally acting the fool through the social networking site.

Megan Fox, she of Transformers fame, was branded ‘dumb as a rock’ through the site, while Paula Abdul used Twitter to resign from American Idol. Movie head honchos are keen to avoid any similar embarrassing incidents in their shop, with Cameron Diaz and Mike Myers being the first to suffer the icy chill of life without Twitter; the pair are due to start making another Shrek flick next year and studio Dreamworks want everything kept as tight-lipped as possible.

Not that Twitter is really of any use if you want to follow a Hollywood star in any case; it’s not as if Hollywood stars are the most controversial bunch in public, unless they get caught mainlining Vimto by some hedge-dwelling paparazzo scumbag. So a big bad booooo to movie bosses.

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