Mother of Jude Law's baby revealed

The mystery woman who is expecting Jude Law's fourth child has been named as Samantha Burke a 24-year-old aspiring actress and model from Florida. The news was revealed by US gossip website TMZ.

A spokesperson for the expecting mother said: "Ms Burke can confirm that she did in fact have a relationship with Mr Law and that she has informed Mr Law that she is expecting his child later this fall. Since informing Mr Law of the pregnancy, he has been nothing but responsive and supportive of Ms. Burke and the pregnancy."

Law, who already has three children with his former Sadie Frost, has made it clear through a spokesperson that he will fully support his new baby: "Jude Law can confirm that, following a relationship last year, he has been advised that he is to be the father of a child due in the fall of this year.

"Mr Law is no longer in a relationship with the individual concerned but he intends to be a fully supportive part of the child's life. This is an entirely private matter and no other statements will be made."

The Sun, however, claims that Burke is planning to "take him [Law] for as much as she can."

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