Most Surprising Got Talent Auditions Ever

Most Surprising Got Talent Auditions Ever

Salsa dancing on Britain's Got Talent is pretty unusual so no wonder the first act featured here made a surprising audition. Simon buzzed them off almost immediately but Paddy and Nico went onto make the finals.

Around 4 minutes into this video you'll find another major surprise in the form of goth singer Andrew De Leon. The reaction from Sharon Osborne and the other judges shows just how unexpectedly good his performance was.

Jump to around 7 minutes in and you'll find Stevie Starr, who was a British contestant who actually featured on America's Got Talent back in 2015. His eye popping skill is obvious when you find out that for his stage act he is known as "The Professional Regurgitator". What you're watching here is his first appearance on the Got Talent franchise - a 2010 appearance on Britain's Got Talent.

The Quick Change artists who feature as number 4 on this video and come in around the 9 minute mark made an instant impression. This is such an old act that you can see across the globe so we're not sure why the American audiences were gasping to much throughout the performance.

Dance act Signature, who come in around the 11 minute mark, did a Michael Jackson impression that took the audience and the judge's breath away, but the introduction of a second performer around the 12 minute mark made the crowd cheer and laugh their heads off.

Susan Boyle remains the show's ultimate surprise. No one expected anything but instant humiliation in her immediate future when the Scottish singer arrived on stage on 11 April 2009. What a mistake to make. Moments after taking the mike in her she won the nation's hearts. "Didn't expect that did you?" Ant and Dec say to each other moments after the audience's cheers ring out.

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