Most minted pirate in Hollywood?

Ladies want to sleep with him, men want to be him. He's a critically acclaimed actor, screenwriter, movie producer, musician, and winemaker. He's also got a popstar girlfriend, megabucks in the bank, and at nearly 50 years old he still has all his hair. Does anybody actually dislike Johnny Depp? Apparently not - especially movie producers who have reportedly offered him £21 million to return as Jack Sparrow in the 4th installment of the Pirates Of The Caribbean.

According to Digital Spy the pay check will make the eternally youthful Depp the highest-paid actor in Hollywood. Co-stars Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley declined the chance to reappear in the franchise.

Penelope Cruz is rumoured to play the lead female role and Geoffery Rush is expected to return as Captain Barnossa.

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