Most Charitable Celebrities

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While we all know that at the top of the list of most charitable people in the world sits Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, there are many charitable celebrities as well. Recently Sacha Baron Cohen and wife Isla Fischer donated £670,000 to help Syrian refugees. Here are a list of other famous celebrities that are known for their charitable work.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Serena Williams are two top athletes that have done many things for charities, but WWE superstar John Cena is also up there on the list. While most celebrities may grant 100-200 wishes, Cena has recently granted a 500th wish to “Make A Wish Foundation”. He is also the most requested celebrity Wish granter. Keep up the great work Cena!

While singer Miley Cyrus hasn’t had the most positive image in recent times, she has done a lot of charitable book. She started “Happy Hippie Foundation” which focuses on bringing about awareness in youth homelessness. She also supports the Libby Ross Foundation which aims to try and detect early signs of breast cancer, Red Cross, City of Hope, Blessings in a Backpack, Starkey Hearing Foundation, Musicians on Call and many more.

Actress Laverne Cox who is best known for starring in Orange is the New Black has recently been doing a lot of work as an LGBT activist. She recently was in the burlesque show,Broadway Bares, which helped raise over $1.6 million for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

But at the top of the list for most charitable celebrities is non-other than singer/songwriter Taylor Swift. Not only does she work with UNICEF, Red Cross, Children in Need, the Wounded Warrior Project and Feeding America, she also helps with the fight against online predators. She also is known for assisting her fans that are in need, such as one that suffered from Leukaemia to which Swift donated $50,000.

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