Moss's Maid of honour?

When we sit and dream about Kate Moss's wedding - which happens more frequently than we'd like to admit - we like to imagine a stream of 90's era supermodels following in her wake, strutting down the aisle. If poss, George Michael's 'Freedom' should be playing. Well, it looks like our dream might be about to be realised (not the pop song bit, that might be a little inappropriate). But there's a good chance that Moss's super pals will be involved on the big day.

When asked what her role would be, Naomi told The Mirror, 'Now that would be telling. But I am so proud of Kate. I love Jamie and I can’t wait for the wedding. Jamie’s such a nice guy, he’s the one for her. It’s going to be an amazing day and I’m on the phone with her all the time. It’s going to be really nostalgic because we have grown up together and Kate getting married is an amazing moment. It shows we’ve all grown up but we are still the original supermodels. We’ll still party, even though Kate’s getting married, I don’t think that will change us.'

Let's hope Kate doesn't try to stick Naomi in a peach taffeta monstrosity, or there might be Cavalli handbags at dawn in the church...

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