Moss to sing at Cowell’s 50th

Thousands of hopefuls (and hopeless,) audition on The X-Factor every year. Most of them have their dreams shattered, while only a select handful from each series go on to form a career in music. Well, Kate Moss has skipped those queues and managed to wangle a private audition with Mr Simon Cowell himself.

According to The Mirror, the Croydon clotheshorse will be singing live at Cowell’s forthcoming 50th birthday bash, and is rumoured to either perform a ‘Happy Birthday’ (Marilyn Monroe stylie), ‘Summertime’ by Ella Fitzgerald, or ‘It’s Not Fair’ by Lily Allen.

“Kate agreed straight away. She is a keen singer and is taking her role in proceedings extremely seriously” said a reliable source, "As well as getting a few tips from her rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince, she's been practising her scales and gargling with lemon and honey."

Kate Moss is also rumoured to be appearing on The X-Factor sometime this series.

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