Moss off stage

We all know Kate Moss loves the rock star lifestyle. But while with Pete Doherty, she got a taste for more than just the sex and drugs – she really got into the music. Kate got up on stage for a bit of a sing-song, recorded some vocals and even helped write some songs. Mr Doherty really didn’t mind letting his girlfriend up on stage. Especially as it garnered them rather a lot of much-needed publicity…

This is not the case with Kate’s new rocker squeeze Jamie Hince. Miss Moss has apparently been going on about wanting to appear on-stage with him – but Jamie’s bandmate Alison Mosshart is having none of it.

Alison has apparently been going mad about letting the supermodel rock out with them and we don’t really blame her. Standing next to a supermodel can’t be the best thing for a girl’s self-esteem and maybe Kate should stick to what she’s best at?

Then again – for some reason the Kills are the most famous they have ever been. We can’t think why…

(Image: from YouTube)

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