'Mortified' Cowell bans autotuning

Reality chief Simon Cowell has been cowed by the furious outcry following Saturday's first XFactor show - where autotuning was used in a comically heavy-handed manner - and has promised to ban the device in future shows, meaning the rubbish singers won't sound quite as hilariously rubbish. Could 'reality' become a little, well, dull?

According to The Mirror, Cowell ranted to his minions, ordering them to re-edit all footage of the auditions, saying, 'I’m very angry it was used in the way it was on Saturday night. It was totally wrong and we can’t allow it to happen again. I’m mortified by what’s happened. The most important thing now is to ensure viewers can trust what they see on the show.'

An insider revealed, 'The show has already been edited with many tweaks to the sound, so we have to go back on a lot of material. All sorts of hi-tech stuff is used to improve shows. You can brighten the lights or adjust colour in post-production. It’s the same with vocals. Simon is sorry if viewers felt they were being cheated. But there was nothing sinister going on.'

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