Morning glory?

Whether she believes in the whole Team Price, Team Andre thing or not, Jordan's PR team are cranking things up a notch. The glamour girl took to the This Morning couch with Ruth and Eamonn yesterday to give her side of the story. Things on the agenda; 'the rape', the people chanting 'Team Pete in Manchester recently - (they were actually chanting Team Katie), the fact that more 'surprises' are on the way about boyfriend Alex Reid, the fact that Pete hates her - and the fact that the Brazilian who did a rather amusing kiss and tell was 'rubbish' all three times (you can imagine where.) Eamonn managed not to blush, the morning telly airwaves turned briefly blue.

Love or loathe the indomintable reality lass, you've got to give her credit for being so thick skinned. She can talk her way through pretty much anything. Take a look.

Katie Price on This Morning

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