More X-Factor final rumours

With The X-Factor quite literally only a matter of days away the PR juggernaut is still powering on with which mega music stars will (and won’t be) performing duets with the three finalists.

The world’s press (A.K.A. The UK) have all speculated from one of those ‘reliable sources’ that Coldplay’s Chris Martin was lined-up for this weekend’s show along with Sir Paul McCartney and George Michael. But, according to today’s (8 Dec) edition of The Mirror the three acts will be; Robbie Williams, George Michael and Michael Bublé. So no Macca and no Martin.

Hang on though, the newspaper have quoted a source; ‘In previous years we have had some great acts but nothing beats having three of the great male solo acts in one weekend.

‘This has all the makings of the biggest X Factor show ever. It will be the only thing people will be talking about at work on Monday.’

Until we get 100% confirmation from Simon Cowell, expect Jedward to be the mega musical stars dueting with Stacey, Olly and Joe.

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