More X Factor moolah

So last week Simon Cowell revealed ambitions to stamp his media mark all over the globe with Planet X Factor. This week he's realised that, actually, he'd just like to focus on making our UK X Factor a bit flashier for next year's run. So flashy that he wants ITV top brass to spend an extra £300k on ten shows. Each episode currently costs £1.7m.

Mr Nasty also wants out of the Wembley studios where X Factor is currently filmed and into the O2 for next year's final. The more cash ITV splashes on the show, the juicier ratings will be, he surmises. (Erm, Big Brother?)

So as not to wind anyone up in the current recessionary climate, Cowell also promised that any extra wonga coming his way won't be spent on ludicrous payrises for the judges, (Simon earns 7.5 mill salary, Cheryl Cole, a paltry 1.2million.) In the same breath, however, he admitted that Cheryl's salary will have to be hiked if she is to come back next year. Something tells us she will....

So, bigger, flashier, costlier: this is the future of X Factor. Simon even has plans to unfreeze his own dead body once he carks it, meaning he may be doling out droll put-downs for milleniums to come....

Is SyCo the secret ruler of the world? *Shudders*

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