More rubbish news for Rooney

Poor benighted multi-millionaire Wayne Rooney's week has already got off to a bad start, with the news that one of his major sponsors, fizzy drink manufacturers Coke, are on the brink of saying 'ta-rah' to Wayne, due to his infidelities.

A source close to the company told The Daily Mail 'Americans cannot fathom the laddish culture that surrounds football and are bewildered by his behaviour.' Yes of course, because all Americans are upstanding citizens who would never dream of straying more than two feet away from the marital bed. Two words for you, pal - Tiger Woods.

Rooney's fate will be decided in a board meeting this week, with the yanks keen to jetison the striker, while the British Coke execs are desperate to keep Wayne on the fizzy drink gravy train. Nigel Currie, PR consultant, thinks that the footballer's chances of clinging on to his money-making contracts are slim: ‘A lot of Rooney’s sponsors are pushing family-orientated products. The guys in the U.S. will not understand his behaviour and will want to get out of their contracts with him and move on. If this goes on for much longer, I would not be surprised if his sponsors say enough is enough.’

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