More Rooney revelations

Yet more Wayne Rooney revelations! Yes, if you’re not bored already of the whole shebang you can turn your attentions to this page of the Sun, which apparently shows the England striker trying to chat up Samii Darnley, a friend of Jenny Thompson (you know who she is, right?), at a player’s Christmas party. The actual WAGs, needless to say, were not invited.

Of course, if you’re looking at that picture with unprejudiced eyes it’s clear he could be saying absolutely anything, or not even talking to her at all, but given the sh**storm that’s currently reigning down on the Rooney household, why shy away from another healthy dump all over his reputation?

‘The picture shows exactly what Rooney's like when he's out on the town,’ said a ‘friend’ of Samii. ‘It seemed like he was trying to talk to every woman in the place. But then he saw Samii and made a beeline for her.

‘She is a stunning girl and he obviously wanted her. He leaned in and whispered in her ear. He was so close she could feel his stubble on her cheek. He was trying it on and making it clear in no uncertain terms he was interested in her.

‘He clearly fancied her and wanted to take things further. But she said he was married and she wouldn't do that to Coleen. The girls at the do had a great time but Rooney was a bit of a pain because he was on the prowl.’

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