More Paul Burrell. Oh joy.

One day, it appears, is not enough for the reality TV star Paul Burrell to give evidence at the Diana inquest. Oh no. Confusion over the existence of his secret documents meant the ex-butler had to hot foot it back to court and give evidence for a second day running.

Burrell told the court he'd kept a diary during his time with the Princess but didn't want to hand it over to the coroner because the documents were "very private and very personal". He also didn't think they were of relevance to the circumstances surrounding the Princess Diana's death.

More gossip and scandal is also kicking off surrounding the inquest. Not least from the Princess's mother, Frances Shand Kydd, who called her daughter a "whore" and accused the Princess of "messing around with effing Muslim men". As if that wasn't enough, it's been revealed Diana thought Charles should not be King, and that the crown should skip a generation to William.

Drama all round. It's starting to give Echo Beach a run for its money...

(Image: YouTube)

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